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"Don't Mall Tiverton" is a group of your neighbors who are concerned with the negative impact a regional mall would have on our town and all the local  small businesses. 

We are not opposed to new development in town, but we do believe that development should be of a scale consistent with the character of the town as a small New England coastal town.  Tiverton's Comprehensive Community Plan outlines the type of development the town seeks.  The Comprehensive Plan was written by a committee of town residents and interested parties.  The plan incorporates the wishes of the town in regard to development and use.  It's "our" plan for the future.

The Carpionato proposal will require changes to that plan. In fact the Carpionato group has "helped" us by re-writing those sections of the plan that are in opposition to such a large-scale development.  Apparently Carpionato completely disregards the will of the people and claims to know what is "best" for Tiverton--that is, the plan they propose.

If you are interested in being on our mailing list, have questions about the Carpionato proposal. or would like to support our efforts, please contact us contact@dontmalltiverton.org



Last modified: January 24, 2016