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Keep Informed, Stay Involved

The Tiverton Planning Board is currently reviewing the Carpionato Plan.  Comments from the public are essential--make sure your voice is heard opposing this massive development at public hearings.

After a decision by the Planning Board, the proposal will move to the Town Council where changes to the town Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances will be required if the proposal is to go forward. 

The town website:  http://www.tiverton.ri.gov/

Planning Board Website:  http://www.tiverton.ri.gov/boards/planningboard.php

The Planning Board website includes links to the Carpionato proposal along with various studies and plans.

Important Town Email Addresses

Mark Rousseau Town Planner

Planning Board

Kate Michaud K        michaud@Tiverton.ri.gov
Steve Hughes            steve225@cox.net
Carol Guimond         carol@cbguimond.com
Peter Corr                 northeastmillwork@verizon.net
Pat Cote                    pcoteri67@yahoo.com
Stu Hardy                  shardy@umuc.edu
David Saurette         david.saurette@wsdevelopment.com
Sue Gill                     susangill1392@gmail.com
Rosemary Eva         Rosemary.Eva@cbi.com

Nancy Mello            Town Clerk                           nmello@tiverton.ri.gov
Matt Wojcik             Town Administrator             administrator@tiverton.ri.gov
Mary Lou Sullivan   Administrative assistant     adminassist@tiverton.ri.gov

Town Council Members
Denise deMedeiros     President              DdeMedeiros@tiverton.ri.gov
Joan Chabot                 Vice-President     Jchabot@tiverton.ri.gov
Brett Pelletier                                               bpelletier@tiverton.ri.gov
Peter Mello                                                   pmello@tiverton.ri.gov
Jay Lambert                                                 JLambert@tiverton.ri.gov
Dave Perry                                                   dperry@tiverton.ri.gov
Joe Sousa                                                    jsousa@tiverton.ri.gov

You can also mail your letters to the Town Councilors at this address:

    <Councilor Name>

    343 Highland Rd.

    Tiverton, RI  02878

Scott Humphrey           scott@HBSRI.com
Jon Cottrell                   jcott@comcast.net
Susan Gill                     susangill1392@gmail.com
Melissa Hutchinson     melissa@mharchitect.com
Renee Jones                rdjj161@cox.net

Sakonnet Times            www.eastbayri.com/town/tiverton/
Tom Dagliesh

Newport Daily News     www.newportri.com/newportdailynews/
Marcia Pobzeznik

Fall River Herald           www.heraldnews.com/
Kevin Connor

Providence Journal      www.providencejournal.com/



Last modified: January 24, 2016