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Harms of Big Box Retail


Note: Big box retail is defined as stores occupying more than 50,000 square feet of space. Carpionato proposes a 100,000 square foot store for phase 1 of their project. Stop & Shop in Fall River is 75,000 square feet.



Five Myths about Big Box Retail



Locally Owned Businesses vs. Chain Stores

There are many benefits – both to the local economy and to a town's quality of life – associated with supporting small, locally owned businesses rather than the national chain stores that Carpionato's proposed large-scale development would bring to Tiverton.

Some of these many benefits are described in the articles listed below.

Benefits of Doing Business Locally
“Local officials often fall for the seductions and political appeal of luring new national chains...but they often fail to consider the greater losses that occur when the local business base is undermined.”

The Benefits of Buying Locally

Why Buy Local?

While Carpionato claims to be a major developer, they have developed only one mixed-use development!  That development is Chapel View in Cranston RI.  While they claim to be experts on hotels and restaurants, they have exactly two hotels and one restaurant (not including the two restaurants in their two hotels).

Tiverton is again at a crossroads.  We can maintain our town as a small rural coastal New England town, as envisioned by our Community Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinances.  Or we can sell out to big developers and become another faceless American retail city.  One big mall development will add to another, until we have this:

Pictures: Chapel View development, Cranston RI. by Carpionato Group



Last modified: January 24, 2016